Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Projects

I was looking through old pictures recently and was reminded how much Kendall loved puzzles when she was Kate's age. I have been guilty of giving Kate too many "baby" puzzles and not enough practice with the big girl ones. So this morning after our errands I pulled out some puzzles and Kate is so proud of herself! I love how every time I took a pictures of her she stuck those shoulders way up high next to her ears. As of now she has finished all four of the Melissa & Doug puzzles in this animal set and has moved on to the ABC puzzle. I love the ABC puzzles, number puzzles and the US puzzles because the girls learn their letters, numbers, and states
We're also working on some number recognition with Kendall. This girl LOVES to color so I was thinking that color by numbers would be a great activity since it combines learning to recognize the numbers with something she already loves to do. She also completed a connect the dots puzzle and colored that. I was so lucky last week, we stopped by a garage sale a couple streets over and the lady used to have a pre-school!  Granted, all the stuff was a bit dated but I loaded up on great workbooks and activities for the girls!

So here we sit at our table working on our own projects. Speaking of projects, I have a huge list of tutorials saved from various websites. I am getting in the mood to start creating again. I think I'll have plenty to keep me busy when the winter weather traps us indoors. Here are a few for you to browse:


  1. Hmm, "Bagsket" won't let me click on it, but that name has me intrigued!

    Don't you love that girls dress? It reminds me of the one I made for Anna last year, but with an elastic waist. We should exchange Tutorial lists!

    And I should have sent all of this in an email :p

  2. The link works! Very cute, and it looks easier than I would have thought. Sigh....adding it to my list.

  3. Jennie, I'll show you my tutorial list if you show me yours ; P

    I'll compile them into a email tonight after bedtime.