Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Around Here

Around here we had picture day at school. Kate doesn't officially start until Monday but we were able to go in and have hers taken. Her classmates were very timid, but I whispered a little encouragement in her ear (and possibly a little bribe) and she marched right up in front of those bigger 3 year olds, climbed the little ladder, positioned herself and smiled so sweet. The photographer, his assistant, and her teacher were all standing there with their jaws open and then broke out in big smiles too.

Around here we made a trip to Target to pick up big girl "pull ups" Kate spent all morning in big girl panties with out one single accident. We changed into a diaper for nap time and then she didn't want to put her big girl pants back on. Monday when she goes to school she will go in pull-ups and I have a good feeling fully potty trained wont be far behind.

Around here I have been working on the girl's Christmas list. I usually keep an ongoing list of things as I see a need or extreme desire. This morning while at Target I let Kate out of the buggy to roam the toy aisles and finished up the list. I'll be ready when the time comes for Christmas shopping now.

Around here we made the horrible mistake of missing Grandparents Day on Sunday!!!!! I'm going to work with the girls this afternoon (hopefully) to do some making and get that in the mail tomorrow.

Around here we've had a bit of a power struggle lately. Kendall has been testing boundaries and it exhaust me beyond belief. It makes my blood pressure rise and it makes me so sad and fear that I'm doing something wrong. It doesn't matter how "normal" it is, it's not acceptable and I feel a sense of failure as her mom.

Around here my break light has started coming on, the book says to have them serviced immediately, yuck. Brian is calling the dealer as I type this.

Around here I REALLY want to take this class by my favorite scrapbooker. Between the registration fee ($100) and the supply list I don't know if I will do it though.

Around here I'm making a list of projects to work on. Yesterday I took pictures of all of Kendall's artwork and worked on a book in Shutterfly to have printed like I did last year. I plan on making somekind of box to include all the cards and special notes they have received this year too.

Just living life around here. Doing the best we can to live it fully and blog about it sometimes too!!


  1. Can't believe my grand daughter is testing the boundaries. Her Dad never did anything like that. Well, there was one time I had to take his bedroom door down after he tested a boundary.
    Lorie's pictures are awesome!

  2. It is normal and you are NOT a failure! But I feel your pain. Noah is doing the same things and I feel clueless as to how to best handle it all. Just keep at it, mama!

  3. Yes, I thought the pics turned out good too. The cute subjects, cute clothes and bribing all were a BIG help. ha