Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Show and Tell

I am waiting for the camera battery to charge. I have something really cool I want to show you...the playroom. Let me backtrack. I had a goal a couple of weeks ago to focus on one room of the house for a day and get it really really clean. Because usually the entire house gets 'picked up' and then I feel like I accomplished nothing because I never really get anything cleaned. I've actually been looking forward to the playroom but have been putting it off until Kendall went back to school. Lorie helped me today and it's looking AWESOME. But, I'm waiting on my camera battery.

I wasn't going to post but I have quite a few other pictures I know the grandmothers would appreciate.
Brian ran a half marathon on Saturday, we cheered him on and are so proud of him!
The next day he had a softball game, he blew out his cleat. On the way home he mentioned that they were kind of old anyway. Guess what his definition of 'kind of old' is, they belonged to his YOUNGER brother when he was in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Yes, that's right the shoes were probably about sixteen or so. I just think that's kind of gross. Stinky sweaty boy feet marinating for 16 years.

My sister Lorie arrived on Tuesday. We've been having so much fun hanging out together. She bought a bunch of fabric today and is currently making all sorts of dress up clothes for the girls...mermaid tails, wedding dresses with veils. Both girls looked at the fabric and said, "It's SO fancy!!"

The painter is coming on Friday or Saturday to paint my office and our guest bedroom, I can not wait.

Off to check the camera battery. If it's charged I'll post again soon, if not see you tomorrow!!

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