Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Down

One of the project ideas on my list was finding a way to gather all the cards and small mementos that I've saved for each of the girls. Last night I put together this little book for Kendall. It contains cards she has received throughout the year, drawings she has done, show tickets and other special memories from the year. I included blank pages in the front and I plan to interview her and include, teacher and friend's names, favorite color, things to eat... I used my Zutter binding system to put it all together with some chipboard covers. I haven't showed her I know she'll be excited to have it!


  1. Super cute. I never know what to do with all of those cute birthday cards, but it's a shame to throw some of them away. Great idea :)

  2. A zutter? I don't even know what that is! I'll have to look it up. Very cute. She will totally appreciate this when she is older too.