Thursday, September 24, 2009


We're trying to get into a routine here with school now. I've found that as much as I would like to have the girls up and playing right after school it just can not happen. The last two days Kate has started crying from exhaustion as soon as we get home and Kendall would love to skip nap but our afternoons are HORRIBLE when that happens. I have decided that I do all that I can (including dinner prep) during their school and nap time and then spend the rest of the afternoon in solid quality time with them. We're still working on it but this was only our first week and we will get better. I'm going to ATTEMPT to include some blog time during those early hours so that I will more regularly update.

Did I mention that Kendall has started swim lessons on Friday mornings? She isn't crazy about it but I feel like it's important for safety's sake that she learn how. She's been doing great, and of course Kate is desperately wanting to go as well. I knew that Kendall would be resistant that is why we choose to go the private lesson route. I think that since she is constantly engaged the whole lesson it keeps her mind off of being sad a little more.

Oh, the girls LOVE to have their back scratched. They would love if I spent my entire day doing just that. I had to encourage them to take turns scratching each other's backs instead.

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  1. Love that they are scratching each others back!!