Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I wanted the playroom to be as fun as a classroom. I love how teachers seperate the different centers by using rugs. I also love how they have everything labled with pictures so that the kids know where to put things. I wanted everything to be easily accessible for the girls. I also wanted to keep it simple, I took out a lot of the toys to rotate. I've found they play best when the number of options aren't too overwhelming. And things are always more interesting when they've been hidden for awhile.
First is the craft area. IKEA table, and a bookshelf full of craft supplies. The third photo shows the picture taped under the items.

This table will also be used for the puzzles and games like Dominoes, Memory...

Behind the white craft bookcase is our pretend play or kitchen area. Kitchen, laundry, play food, baby stuff.

Next to that is the train table that sits on the block mat. stored under the table are the floor puzzles and blocks. Here is a picture where I've pushed the baskets back so you can see the photos underneath.

This is the grand finale, this will send the girls over the top in happiness. The dress up area. Previously all the dress-up clothes and shoes were shoved in a hamper. Usually they were all over the floor because they were digging to find just the right pink skirt to match their pink shirt, shoes, and pink fancy hair bow. Check it out now.!

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  1. Ashley, you are so organized!! I don't have little kids at home and my house is so messy..... :)

    You are a great mommy!! love, paula