Monday, October 05, 2009

One Great Weekend

We had such a fun weekend. I think I've mentioned before how we have been blessed with great neighbors. Every once in awhile their kids come home and we LOVE them too! Their son and daughter-in-law are our age and their kids are close in age to Kendall and Kate. They were in town this weekend and we had dinner together (and a little impromptu dance party), went to the craft fair together and they came over to play too.

Sunday was very busy for us too. Brian had a race in the morning, the girls and I made sugar cookies and then went to cheer him on. Afterwards we went directly to his softball double header. Watching his races always inspires me. I always say that I'm going to start running after I watch one. Brian is helping me with my training and I started today. I feel confident about the actual running part, nervous about the running in freezing temperatures part!

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