Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What We're Doing

We've had a short visit from Gram and Pop.

A quick trip to Uncle Jeff's and Aunt Jill's for a few pumpkins from their patch, luckily the girls and Pop couldn't quite lift this one.

We got to meet Carson and Corrigan.

Today for some horrible unknown reason neither of the girls could nap. I knew we had to stay occupied to avoid exhausted female dramatics so we baked banana bread and then the girls "washed the dishes."


  1. Ever notice that when the kids "wash the dishes", the floor gets "mopped" as well? ;o)

  2. (groan)...yes!! Can you also count it as a bath/shower? Cause for us, generally their stomachs and all of the bottom half of their bodies get wet too! If their hair/head doesn't stink...I am calling it good!