Monday, January 23, 2006

Blog Slacking

I've been a big slacker with the whole blogging thing lately. Here is a quick catch up.

The meeting went extremely well and the lady led me to believe that I would have an order for 5-6 ALBUMS (I charge per single page). She said that she was meeting with her client the next day and that she would let me know either way...still no word. I've sent my "Thank-you for meeting with me" email and called (but she was out of the office. I am bummed that it turned out this way but extremely peeved at her lack of consideration.

Kendall rocks, she has cut her first tooth and said her first word "hi". I've had a wicked cold and one of the 8,527,624 times that I went into the bathroom to blow my nose Kendall waved at herself in the mirror and said 'hiiiiiiii' too cute. She still has absolutely NO interest whatsoever in crawling or even playing patty cake, which really is a stupid game anyway if you ask me maybe she just doesn't want to look silly :)

Brian has an interview next week in Atlanta, an exploratory interview here, some GE guy in Puerto Rico calling him and some other job here that he MAY consider. My one wish is that he just finds something that he LOVES doing.

Wednesday is my birthday and my Oh So Sweet Husband arranged a babysitter and made dinner reservations at the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner.

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