Saturday, January 28, 2006


February will be a great month!

Reason number one: Kendall will be working this hot little number starting next week at her first swim lesson at the YMCA. Every girl needs a two piece though so she may have a little polka dot action happening in the coming weeks. (Can't you just picture her little pot belly in this?)

Reason number two: Brown County 2006 or as the boys like to refer to it BC2g6. Three nights spent here with three of the most fun couples I know. I'm hoping to have a repeat of the BC2g4 smackdown the gals gave the guys in Catch Phrase. Note to Brian: it's 'sea plane' not 'seap lane' sheesh what did you learn at Harvard Business School anyway?

Reason number three: The Paper Chick's second fun & funky scrap night. I'm excited to hang out with a bunch of other chicks that enjoy being creative.

On a completely unrelated note, have you ever wondered why so many nursery rhymes are so violent?

Rock-a-bye-baby: What mother would put a cradle in a treetop?
Humpty Dumpty dies
Jack and Jill fall down a hill
Little Miss Muffet was practically attacked by a spider
London Bridge falls down
I think I heard that in Ring a Round the Rosies the "ashes ashes" part has something to do with cremation?!
Seriously who thinks up these things and why do we sing them to our children?!?


  1. What you call BC2g4 was actually BC2g3 and that was BEFORE Harvard Business School. I will challenge anyone now that I am smart. Same goes for Pass the Pigs.

  2. I know that "ring around the roses" is about the Black Plague.

    I do not know why nursery rhymes are so violent. That's a good question.