Thursday, January 12, 2006

Great day

I had a one-on-one session at the gym today. They have this super cool computer system that you sign into and it tells you how many reps to do on each machine & it keeps track of calories burned, weight lifted, and ensures that you get the full range of motion... I'm just doing one set of 8-12 reps on 7 different machines but by the end of the day I lifted 3,010 lbs!!! That is really cool.

Another 'wicked' thing that happened today (I just started saying this and I've been away from Boston for about nine months) is that I was contacted by Louisville Concierge. They got my contact information from our local scrapbook store (who has my business card) and they have a client that wants to have some scrapbooking done. I gave them my prices and they are going to talk to their client and get back to me. Yipee, what fun! Hope it works out!

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