Monday, January 30, 2006

Nothing a White Chocolate Mocha Can't Fix

Today started off disastrous, Kendall had an emergency bath and a total of three different outfits due to #3 problems (is this an effect of the ear infection medicine?). She was really fussy and I knew we had to get out of the house because a) she is happy in the carseat b) I was near tears. However, a trip to Starbucks and a grande decaf White Chocolate Mocha made me feel MUCH better! The new jeans that Brian bought me didn't hurt either, thank you honey. (I delayed getting one of my Christmas presents and I decided today was a good day to cash it in).

I made this little album for a friend that just had twins and tonight Lorie and I are taking it and dinner over to her. These are just a couple of the pages that I did. I made the album and everything (out of mat board). Lorie helped, actually it was her idea because I

couldn't find the album that I wanted to use.

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