Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kendall Warhol

Thanks Lorie, I love this! This is a nod to Andy Warhol, a fascinating artist. While Monet (one of my favorites) would paint the same building over and over to pick up the differences in light depending on the day (Rouen Cathedral-my very favorites of all time) Warhol studied sameness. He had started as a commercial illustrator and his paintings are much like mass advertising. I also LOVE that he was okay with the imperfections that happened in screen printing...coloring outside the lines. I could go on and on linking him to other artist I like but I'll spare you the art history lesson. I just love creative people and I could find something that I like about any creative person.


  1. What a great picture!! I LOVE it!! That sister of yours is so creative. And ditto about those creative ones!! Love you guys, paula

  2. Is this an ipod commercial?

  3. I LOVE this! I love Andy Warhol too. Justin and I visited the museum dedicated to him in Pittsburgh. VERY FUN. They have a great interactive room in the basement.