Friday, December 01, 2006


Kendall is starting to use her utensils, she has been using them as long as I load the fork/spoon but now she is stabbing things on her own. Got a little bit of the Christmas decorating done. I want to do a little more on the tree maybe (garland, topper) and I would like to work on the front porch and in the dining room. Just a few more gifts to but I've done the hard part and decided what I need to get now it's just running out to pick up the stuff and the fun part of wrapping!
I'm afraid that the ear infection is back. Kendall's nose started running today and she has been all over me today. She has this new phrase that is the equivalent of "pick me up" but sounds like "eeeet ooooou" I think she is saying 'get you' because I usually say something like "just a second and I'll get you." She holds her arms in the air and says "eeeeet oooou". Charming.


  1. adorable. i love it. eeet ooouu.
    p.s. you are a very good writer

  2. I love you!