Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Daily Happenings

We have just been sticking around the house the last couple of days. I've been waiting for a break in visitors to "sleep train" Kate. I needed a stretch of time so that I could be consistent with her and so far it has gone pretty well. Today is only the second day and I'm already seeing progress. It is so hard to let your baby cry but it is really not fair to her to have to rely on me to get her to sleep! Yesterday we worked on naps and last night her night time sleep was already much improved. Since I'm not spending all my time bouncing her around the house I was able to get a little cleaning done and spend more quality time with Kendall. I checked out a Preschool curriculum book from the library and I'm making lesson plans so that we can do activities during the day. First we are going to do shapes and next we'll work on colors. I'm finding craft, exercise, and learning activities to support each day's shape, color, holiday, animal... I think that she will enjoy it. Also, now that Kate will be on more of a schedule I'll be able to plan our day a little better. I know that in preschools the kids really like to see what they are going to be doing; kids like predictability. I've started a picture schedule that I can attach with Velcro to a poster each day so she can look to see what to expect.
Kate is loving her Exersaucer, she is starting to reach for the toys now. She can finally hold on to little toys now too. I can put her in her Bumbo (that purple thing) and hand her a toy and she will play. Eventually she ends up with her mouth on the middle part, I keep thinking that she is teething because she is always covered in drool. I sometimes have to change her clothes during the day and for church I put a bib on her in the car so that she isn't soaked by the time we get there. Mmmm, yummy.


  1. Seriously, the cuteness is unfair.

    I can't wait to make my chart too. Love stealing all of your ideas :)

  2. tooo cute!!! Your children are perfect! :) I love you all!