Friday, July 27, 2007

Warning: lots o' pictures

Good morning Little Kate. "Wha, huh??" Yes, she goes from barely awake to smiling and yes she now sleeps on her stomach (her choice-I don't put her down that way).

Yesterday Anna and Noah came over to play. Kendall shared the love with both of them.

I had $7 credit at the children's consignment store and somehow Kendall figured that out and found a 'horse bike' that cost $6.95 so guess what we came home with?

Kendall caught me taking her picture and then requested that I take a picture of Kate here it is. Kate seemed a bit surprised to find the camera turned on her. "Ah mom, not again" She didn't even have a chance to smile!
I'm loving our new camera and I'm toting it around everywhere, can you tell? I'm counting down the days before we go home!

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  1. Lucky you, the proud owner of a new "horse bike"! Hee hee :)