Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nose Running Down

Today Kendall told me that her "nose (was) running down" I hate when that happens don't you? Seriously, get back up there nose. We ran to the Dollar Store this morning to pick up a few fun things for our plane ride. The Dollar Store is in the same shopping center as the pediatrician. As we pulled into the parking lot Kendall said, "It's for Kate". She is so observant. When we turn on this one ROAD she says, "Drink for mommy". Busted, it's the road that the Sonic is located on (our Sonic gives free refills for the life of you cup so we make quite a few stops there).

I've decided that I'm going to pick up sewing. You know, since I have so much time on my hands. I've really been wanting a cute little apron for myself and for Kendall (I know so very domestic and old fashioned) but I see really cute ones online and I know that they have to be sew easy (heh heh, my wittiness is overwhelming) to make. I don't know if you remember but about the time I started this blog I was preparing for a craft fair, I didn't participate last year but I'm considering doing it again this year. Maybe the Paper Chick will be branching out into non-paper products. It was really a great learning experience last time (and I did make money) so I feel that this time around I'll have a even better idea of what will sell.


  1. I couldn't help noticing that Kate is sporting a nice "Max hairdo" in the top photo. She can be his girlfriend! Amy

  2. I love sewing! I can maybe help you out a bit with that, if we can find some time to get together. I think that aprons must be pretty easy.

    I love Kendall's comments. She is such a smartie. DRINK FOR MOM! I wish we had a sonic like that.