Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Plum Tuckered Out

We've had a fun day today. We met Jennie, Anna, and Baby Noah at Noah's Ark today. The girls had some fun there (minus the drive by Mimi snatching). The girls did a little leap froggy today and then they played on the mall boat. Anna and Kendall tried to break into the gumball machines, you should have heard them: "Do you know how to get into this thing?" "Nope but those blueberries sure look tasty". Okay, maybe I embellished that story just a tad but they did think they were berries. I have a lot of blurry photos since someone is always on the move. Kate and Noah caught a few zzzzz's too. Afterwards we came home, had naps, then Kendall had a little story time.

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  1. theh brown tank/white skirt combo is IRRESISTABLE!!! wow. great shots.