Thursday, December 13, 2007

Repeat and Repeat...and Repeat

Kendall has reached a repetitive stage. If she asks for something and it isn't delivered within 2.3 seconds then she repeats the question (even if you answer, "yes, let's go get xyz") repeat, repeat, repeat. You can rephrase the answer 538 different ways but she will still ask the question again. This is if you answer affirmatively. If, however, you give her an answer that she doesn't like such as, "No, we're not having ice cream right now" she'll repeat the question roughly 1,692 times in the hopes that your answer will change (it doesn't). There are not words that can adequately describe how much I love this little girl of mine but this new development would have even tested the patience of Mother Theresa.

Kate is a mini Paper Chick. Maybe I'll call her the Paper Chicklet. She really LOVES paper. If she sees paper on the floor she can crawl at warp speed to get to it. At the gym they put these little paper bracelets on the kids that have corresponding numbers to the parents paper bracelets. Sometimes, on the little babies they just stick the bracelet to the back of their shirt with the sticky end. Kate crawls around the nursery ripping the bracelets off the other babies and they catch her crawling away with the paper in her mouth like a little dog bone. The other day they thought that they outwitted her by wrapping the bracelets around the babies ankles. She crawled over to little Conner and tugged and tugged on that paper bracelet but that sucker was just not coming off. So being the resourceful Paper Chicklet that she is she plopped down on her belly and chewed on the paper while it was still around his ankle. That's my girl.

And finally, the last of this semesters online class from this Paper Chick. A child's crayon apron. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

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  1. That is too funny that she likes paper that much! I would say 'Like mother, like daughter' but please tell me you don't eat your paper too. Please o please, Paper Chick, say it ain't so!