Sunday, December 09, 2007

Where's the Snow?

We had a fun day yesterday going shopping with Aunt Lorie. The girls were great and everytime we would get in the car Kendall would say, "I don't want to go home, one more store?" We didn't really buy very much (other then diapers, wipes...) but Kendall did score this snow suit and gloves. She is wearing it today and wondering when the snow will arrive. Brian laughed at this purchase claiming that it never snows here.

While we were out we ran in Old Jolly again. Kate thought he was pretty funny.

We're staying pretty busy here. We're hosting Christmas at our house this year (I'm very excited) and I have a long list of things to do to prepare. I seem to get side tracked though, like today, I spent a large period of time organizing my recipe book. You know, just sticking to the important stuff.


  1. It snows lots in Cincinnati. Perhaps she should just come visit here next time it snows. Or maybe she should just live here since you never really know when it might hit. Why don't you ask her and see if that is okay? We have an extra bedroom.

  2. Ummmmmm, no Justin.

    live in Cincinnati!