Friday, December 14, 2007

Speaking of Pony Tails

Check out this bouncy little tail. Brian and I have debated cutting her hair again. I see pictures of her cute little bob and I miss it but then I put it in piggies or see this bouncy pony and change my mind.

Ta-da, here is my new do. Some may say it hasn't changed but I beg to differ. You may not be able to tell but there are bangs which I haven't sported since I was about 8. It's a bit shorter and the layers are even now. Considering that this is what I started with not too long ago, you can see that it has come a long way.


  1. Yay for cute new hair...and bangs! I can definitely see a difference.

    I am often jealous of Kendall's ponies, so I say don't cut it! Those of us with fuzzy headed girls are still waiting....

  2. I love your new cut Ashley. I've finally grown mine out to "pony-length", and I'm glad to be there. But, anytime I see a cute short cut like your "before" picture...I want to get mine cut again. I love being able to have a pony, but I really like short hair, too!

  3. ok, you look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!!

    i am SOOOOO proud to be told i look like you!!!

    i love you!!!!

  4. That is so sweet Alex, the feeling is mutual!

  5. First of all, I say leave her hair long, at least for a little while...enjoy those 'little girl' piggies and tails because they change too fast!
    And I LOVE your hair! It does look VERY different to me...and I LOVE IT! you look mAHvelous dAHling!

  6. so many wonderful posts to catch up on! I love the new do!