Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wings sure make it hard to fit into your booster seat but nothing can come between this girl and her "cereal in milk". I go through different breakfast food phases and recently I have been eating Kashi cereal. Kendall has taken a liking to it too. I refuse to buy the 'normal' kid, sugar coated cereals if she likes this good stuff!
Brian bought this grouping of frames for Kendall's room months ago. Since we're having company soon I'm getting busy on all the small projects around the house and I finally finished this today. The Mary Jane shoes and the flower are both things that I have seen on different crafty sites and have just saved the pictures until I can recreate them. The little bunnies are from Kendall's Gram, the pink initial is Pottery Barn and the little initial is a scrapbooking sticker that happened to fit perfectly in the frame. The flower on the right is scrap supplies too. I would like the frame in the bottom center spot to be horizontal so that the initial is off to one side but we hung the frames before I added the stuff so I'm just working with what I have.


  1. Who wouldn't love wings!!

  2. Anonymous7:13 PM

    The cereal must taste better than it looks, but I do love the wings.

  3. Very very cute frames!

    The wings are pretty cute too ;)

  4. man, those wings. adorable.

    your frames are fantastic too. Great ideas!

  5. Yes! I am back again! I am trying to mess up your count! Come on sitemeter...make my day!