Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I wished I had an ounce of Brian's perfectionism. My creative endeavours would surely turn out better. Here are the two grocery bags that I made; apart from being seriously flawed I do love them. They'll be great for toting library books and such. I used a grocery bag as my pattern and a tutorial that I found online, let me know if you're interested in the site.


  1. Loooooove them. Very cute. Are they strong enough to haul baby formula and a six pack. Scratch that. A twelve pack?

  2. These babies are mega strong. I used a very heavy liner fabric (almost upholstery weight). Of course I can't aford to make the 15 more that I need to use them every week since my taste in fabric is way too expensive!

  3. Having seen these bags in person I can say that they are excessively cute!

    If you started selling them maybe you could break even on your love of expensive fabrics :)

  4. Um, I feel like a dork because I recognize the fabric from an etsy shop. that's where you got it, right?

    I want to try these! IKEA has nice fabric at 7.00 or so a yard, not bad, and very cute styles.

    Maybe I can drive down this summer (yay!) and we can be crafty...

  5. Hey Jenn!
    I'm sure they do sell these fabrics on Etsy but I was able to get them here at a local quilt store. We would love to have you ANY day, name the day and we'll look forward to it!