Monday, May 26, 2008


Does anyone else have periods of time where you become more introspective then others? I think that usually I get caught up in the day to day activities of raising two little ladies but I love it when something happens to make me slow down and become introspective. Usually it's a big event that causes it: wedding, moving, having a baby, starting a new school....When I'm put in unfamiliar surroundings or situations it makes me think about the kind of person I am or want to be, my strengths, my weaknesses, qualities in a person that I respect or am drawn to. I've been in one of these thoughtful periods lately. Friday night I went to see Indiana Jones with the Lorie family for Alex's birthday (it was pretty good, the music gave me chills) seeing all of the archeology, hearing the different languages and seeing the different cultures really reminded me again of how small we are. It made me really want to be immersed in another culture and language. That would be the ultimate learning and introspective experience. Hard? Definitely but so awesome I'm sure.

We had a mini-photo shoot with Lorie this morning, hopefully I'll have those to post soon. I think we got some really cute ones of the girls.

P.S. I think that some setting in my camera was changed because all my photos are really foggy (maybe it just needs cleaned). I'm not taking the time to fix them in Photoshop though.

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