Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm out of the habit of blogging. Lately it has been more of a thing on my to-do list then a fun thing but I will try to get back into it but I'm not making any promises.

Kendall had her ENT appointment today, he said that her ear infection was a result of her tube falling out. Sometimes when it's wobbly and on the verge of falling out the body treats it as a foreign object thus the infection. Hopefully it's the last of them and we wont have to have tubes put back in.

Saturday we participated in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk for a Cure. It was awesome to be a part of such a large group all wanting the same final result-a cure. After the walk we spent the day at Holiday World. Kendall had a blast. I was afraid that she would be intimidated when she realized I wouldn't be on the rides with her but that wasn't the case at all!! She was game for anything and even talked me into a swimsuit so she could play in the water. The glare off my white legs (darn land locked state) was blinding but by the end of the day I had a nice pinkness about me. The sting of the burn was actually a good feeling, reminded me of childhood. Kendall liked the "Merry-Go-Around" the most. She had her own personal paparazzi following her around (Lorie) so we have a ton of pictures.

Kate is great, smiling and laughing as usual. Nothing new to report on her really. She is trying out new words and sounds but still would rather cuddle then walk, that little stinker. Kate didn't stay for the amusement park (or "Music Park" as Kendall calls it) so I don't have many pictures of her!

Link to the rest of the JDRF pictures here.

On a more crafty note. Last week I bought this fabric and today I started to make reusable grocery bags. I'll just get two out of the amount of fabric I bought but it's a start.
Also, Kendall and I made this cake last week. Stay tuned for an "In the Kitch" post with the easy peasy instructions.


  1. Did you photoshop you thighs smaller?

  2. Ha ha, I know you're kidding but I did give it some serious thought. Now that you asked I'm so glad I didn't!