Friday, August 01, 2008

Keeping Busy **Edited to add more pictures

I've been trying to keep the girls busy this week. I'm wanting to cram in as much fun as possible before we have the stress of the "big move". We went to Noah's Ark the other day with Jennie, Anna, and Noah. Kate had so much fun it was ridiculous. We haven't been since she started walking and as soon as I put her feet on the ground she was off and running with her arms waving in the air and screaming like a maniac, she was estactic. She just ran from one thing to the next and made herself at home by getting really close to any other kid and playing with whatever they were playing with, then looking up and smiling at them really big. Luckily they didn't seem to mind. It is very clear that her personality is different from Kendall's!

Kendall and I have been doing a lot of art projects lately. I had all the supplies out today trying to sort them a little. Once we're in the new house I want to get shoebox size plastic containers to sort each thing into. That way only one medium will be out at a time...easier to stay focused and to clean up.

Last night after bath we played dress up.

This afternoon we're meeting Karin, Bailey, and Toby at the pool to catch up and play. We have another showing of our house tonight. Actually we have some progress on the house selling and the house purchasing front. But I'll wait until things are more finalized to post about it because the news tends to shift with each passing hour!

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