Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello Officer

Obey all traffic laws kids!

Last night I went to the gym to meet a friend for a Sculpting class. The class was awesome and worked us out really hard, I'm excited to have found it! When I left home Kendall was so utterly sad and I was just a little frantic thinking about her crying so hard. I was heading down the road, no music on, no cell phone usage, just me and my thoughts, silence. I saw a police man coming towards me, I glanced down at the speedometer, whoa, oops. He turned into a driveway and started to turn around. I just started shaking my head because I heart started racing.

He told me how fast I was going and asked me if I had a reason.
Me: No, (doing my best to appear apologetic) Not a good one. (I decided a very long time ago that if/when I was pulled over I would not make excuses. Really, I know that there is no excuse and I know that they don't really want to hear one either).
Him: Where are you going?
Me: To the gym
Him: Which one?
Me: (I told him, is this normal, why do they need to know specifics?)
Him: Where are you coming from?
Me: (I told him)
Him: Is that where you live?
Me: Yes
Him: What is your driving record like?
Me: I’ve never gotten a ticket and I haven’t been pulled over in over 10 years! (Yes, I did fail to mention bumping into Jennie's Lexus and backing into the garage door...really I don't think he wanted to hear my WHOLE driving history you know....that would have just bored him, right?)
Him: What did you get pulled over for.
Me: (smiling) um, speeding…in college
He kind of smiled too and took my stuff to his car and came back just a couple minutes later and just told me to slow down please.

On the way home from class I was kind of hoping that I would pass him again just so I could wave and he could see that I was obeying all laws.

At first I thought that I wouldn't even mention this little incident to Brian. I know that I would just hear endless teasing about this and maybe even a lecture or two. He was already asleep when I got home and left before I woke up this morning. He called at about 8:00 and what was the very first thing I said? "I got pulled over". I just can't keep anything from that man.

Oh one more thing. Did you know that Brian once got a ticket while riding a bike?!?! He still has it, under 'model' it says "Huffy" or "Trek" or something like that. He's a good driver, I'm just saying....he got a ticket, you know...on a bike.

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  1. That is hilarious! Huffy or Trek. I love that!! I got pulled over when I was 7 months prego. Really, who gives a huge prego a ticket???

    I also do not give my sob story. You are right, no one wants to hear it.