Thursday, March 12, 2009

My head is starting to get fuzzy.

I woke up with a cold. Brian brought one back from Paris as a souvenir and unfortunately he gave it to me. We dressed in cozy clothes and have played at home all day. Puzzles, play doh, practicing writing and watching a couple new Leapfrog videos that Kendall is loving.
Last night we had company for dinner. After six years of marriage I finally found my 'company's company dinner'. I thought about sharing the recipe with all of you but then if you ever come visit it wouldn't be very exciting for you. It's spice rubbed flank steak that is so easy and delicious, my cheesy orzo, and steamed asparagus. I forgot the bread last night, did I mention that our guest is from Paris? Fortunately for me he is the only person from Paris that does not like bread, what luck right? We also had a tossed salad and a lemon meringue pie. Kendall and Kate both loved Seb (our guest) I think it was the accent :) He was so sweet with them and didn't hesitate to put the girls on his lap and look through Dora books. We had such a nice time talking with him. It was a fun evening. Tonight I'm meeting a new friend for a Sculpting class at the gym. I hope I do okay, this head cold has me feeling dizzy which is never a good start for a gym class!
Jennie--I know I can count on you to have caught the movie quote from the greatest movie of all time in this post.


  1. Okay...I give. What was the line from a movie? And chances are I will be posting again to find out what movie it was from...but just give me a sec to guess!

  2. The line is "My head is starting to get fuzzy."

    Let me know if you need a clue or just want me to tell the movie :)

  3. "My head is starting to get fuzzy...Why did you stop by again?"

    "I wanted to be your friend"

    You've Got Mail! Shall I continue? ;)

    I'm so glad someone else shares my obsession.