Monday, March 23, 2009

Sissy Lou's Party

The party went very smoothly and I think that the girls had a fun time. Everyone was so generous and the girls have been staying so busy today trying first one new toy then the next. (By the way I'm putting together a "How I Organize Massive Amounts of Toys" post soon). I took pictures before the party started and then I didn't touch the camera all day. Here are some of the photos I found on the camera card thanks to Brian! We went out today and tried out Kate's new bike, she loved it!
(Here you can see the new paint color in the living room)
This is the spread: veggies with dip, fruit kabobs, grown up mac n cheese, and pigs in the blanket, of course (for the farm theme) the grown ups had sausages in puff pastry with sesame seeds (thanks for the idea Kristy!)
Kendall was dressed appropriately in her barn dress.

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  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Seeing all that food makes me hungry, it looks great.