Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When it Poos it Pours

Today was Donuts with Dad's Day at Kendall's preschool. Sadly, Brian wasn't able to get any pictures. I'm going to make them pose together when he gets home from work though :)
We had a fun day yesterday starting out at the library story time and ending at the outdoor playground at the gym. In the middle we did lots of reading and puzzles.

I just have to say that I LOVE girlfriends! I am so blessed with the best ones on the planet too. I've started to make a few new ones here at the new house but my day to day is full of talks and emails with my friends from my last city (and a new friend from my last city too--hi Melissa).

Today I was emailing with Karin about the poo incident we had today (don't ask, you don't want to know) and she was able to talk me down from my Crazy Mommy ledge. I think sometimes it's easy to set your expectations of mommyness way too high. I told her how I have this vision in my head of our day to day life being very 'organic' and fun and nice calm voices but too often it is Easy Mac and chaotic and whiny cries. Sometimes I also wonder if the blogosphere helps to create this unrealistic Mommy vision in my head. We all blog about the organic perfectness of our existence and leave out the 'poo incidents' that so often riddle our days. We have to be realistic though, poo happens.


  1. Yes! Blogs totally keep the unrealistic vision going! Boo!

    Email me about the poo. All of your BFFs deserve to know :)

  2. So exciting to get a shout out on your blog and so nice to call you friend as well. You are so sweet.
    I must say that Brian and my best girl friend (my neighbor)are so mystified by you and our friendship. It is so funny that we started corresponding after you moved. I just tell them better now than never!!!

    I am anxious to hear more about this poo incident. Please do fill me in.