Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Frigidity Frigid

As much as I would like to say that I'm able to stay up late into the night and get things done it's just not the case. I go to bed pretty early (usually around 9, yes it's true) but last night I was up until midnight or so. Around 2 Kate woke up, she has had a case of the stinky ear and the infection is flushing out (thanks to the tubes). Kendall decided that today she would be raring to go for the day at 4:45am. Needless to say I'm exhausted and a bit of what we call around here a "Grump-a-lumpagus." This morning I was having a hard time getting a move on the day and I was just feeling so cold. Usually I'm up and cooking and cleaning up the kitchen so I figured the chilliness was just due to my inactivity. But, I just couldn't warm up, I broke down and decided to pop up the thermostat one degree....but it wouldn't let me. The numbers wouldn't change and there was a little flame picture on the screen. Hmmm, pilot light? Do we even have a pilot light? Did I mention that Brian is out of the country? After a few phone calls to family members to ensure that I just wasn't missing something obvious I ended up calling a repair man to come out. It turns out that the thermostat was locked up because some heat sensor was dirty and since it couldn't detect the heat source to start up it wouldn't blow gas in the empty chamber and just shut the whole system down....or something like that. Anyway, we're nice and toasty now. Kendall and I worked on a bit of a self portrait today. I think that it will be fun to do one of these every year or so and see how it changes. The girls are both napping and I am thinking about catching a bit of sleep as well.

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