Friday, January 22, 2010

30 While 30

I have two days to finish my 30 while 30 list. I need 9 more items to complete it. Here is what I have so far:

1. Visit a local art museum
2. Explore Pittsburgh
3. Expand garden
4. Volunteer
5. Track spending
6. Have a baby
7. Visit Niagra Falls
8. Document a “Week in the Life” before 3rd baby is born
9. Find a gym class to commit to
10.  Send someone a care package
11.  Introduce kids to a variety of art media in fun projects
12. Find a local Bible study  
13. Hang some stuff on the walls
14. Freeze a few meals once a month
15.  Drastically reduce or omit corn syrup from families diet.
16.  Family game night
17.  Take a tennis lesson
18.  Make jelly or jam
19. 30 random acts of kindness
20. Keep car clean.
21.  Take a picture a day.

Got any suggestions for me? I had to delete a few once I found out I was pregnant I had snow ski and water ski both on there but those are gone now.


  1. And you talk about my ambitious list! No ideas from me...unless you want to travel to your favorite family members and help them with their todo lists! :)

  2. Ok Suzi this is for you--the rest of my 30 while 30 list:

    22. Choose scrapbooking over TV
    23. Attempt 365 project
    24. Lunch out no more the twice/week (I'm embarrassed to put this)
    25. Take a crafty class
    26. Surprise the girls w/ present on their bed every once in awhile
    27. Plan weekly activities and outings with the girls in advance
    28. Start morning devotion with K&K
    29. Finally find a church and get involved
    30. Send some birthday cards

  3. Thanks, Ashely! So glad to see the rest. I love them! That is something I should start brainstorming. I have a few months but I love the idea!