Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yesterday I had an ugly run in with some morning sickness, my first in the history of all pregnancies. I was okay afterwards and had some breakfast but then started feeling so sick again. I cancelled our dinner guests for the evening, I was spending a good portion of the morning on the couch and would not feel up to cleaning and getting ingredients for that. However, I had already promised the girls that we would have a special date that afternoon.

You see we used to have a huge problem with bed time. Crazy bedtime dramatics that were so stressful and then ridiculously early wake up times, finally we came up with a system that works for us. We implemented the sticker on a chart system and they only get the sticker under two conditions. Once mommy/daddy leave the room they do not call us back in there (then or in the middle of the night--of course nightmares or being sick didn't count against them) AND in the morning they don't call for us until a designated time. We bought each of the girls alarm clocks and when the music comes on they can get out of their bed to play in their room and when the alarm comes on they can come wake us up. Nights are so peaceful now! We tuck them in and walk out and don't hear a single peep, no asking for water, no whining just peace. Their sticker charts had space for a LOT of stickers and we were sticklers for the rules, if they came in our room in the morning asking for random things before the alarm went on they didn't get one. Occassionaly we would offer up extra stickers for very good behavior (it isn't uncommon now for the girls to keep playing in their room after the alarm goes off!) It was finally FULL yesterday so I picked the girls up a little early from school (despite my rolling stomach) and took them to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs we even had snacks, popcorn and a drink. Then we walked next door to Target and each girl got to pick out a prize. Kendall choose a tiny baby doll with pacifier and she has been talking so SWEETLY to it! Kate chose a golden globe Barbie complete with award, golden purse and shoes. Fancy.

I LOVE this picture of Kendall sitting like such a little lady during the movie.

Here she is toting her little bundle around.

 Here is Kate with her now naked Barbie. Afterwards we made our favorite dinner. Homemade pizzas, we make the dough and the sauce and the girls add their own toppings. Like I said I didn't get ingredients today so our toppings were a little limited.


  1. You are awesome...because I would have told the boys that we were still going to do it, but just not today because Mommy is VERY sick!

    Such a trooper! haha

  2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs didn"t make your tummy churn even more? Hope you are feeling better today.

  3. I love so much about this. I love Kendall sitting on the booster at the movies. I LOVE that Kate chose Golden Globe Barbie and then disrobed her. And I got a bit weepy seeing Kendall with her new baby. They're going to be the sweetest big sisters!

  4. Wasn't Noah running around with a naked Barbie recently? He and Kate are truly made for each other - united in Barbie nakedness.