Saturday, January 23, 2010

Right Now

A snapshot into right now. What the photo doesn't capture is the sound of the girls playing in the basement (lots of giggles and an unidentified banging noise??). 

My cousin did an awesome blog post this morning that consisted of her (crazy ambitious--for me at least) to-do list. I LOVED it, I loved seeing that part of her, maybe because I love lists but mostly because I just love to see how other women work and what they do throughout the day. It left me wanting more, I have a list of people (in my head at least) that I want to peek into their to-do list. I'll include my own sometime soon.

I think it would be an fun scrapbook page to have a bunch of "right now" snapshots from various days. I've added a "Right Now" label so I can find them easily in the future. Wouldn't you love to have a snapshot of your mom's life 30 years ago. I imagine many of them included to-do lists and recipes but maybe not the laptop.


  1. Haha! Too funny! You have had me thinking about what my mom, grandmas and great grandmas were doing when they were my age. Oh! You just gave me an idea for another blog post...lets see if I remember it by the time I sit down and have time to right it. I am currently in my 'I am never going to get all this done!' phase. So I have to go! I am still waiting to see your list too! haha! Love ya!

  2. my list(when I was your age)
    get breakfast,get kids off to school,do laundry, clean house, do more laundry, start dinner, drop girls at cheerleading or piano lessons, boys at football practice, work on dinner somemore while folding clothes, pick up kids from everwhere, eat dinner, hope everyone is doing homework,breakup fights over who does dishes. Try to hide in my room until bedtime. Love you guys! I wouldn't of missed it for the world.

  3. Hahahaha..

    I remember most of that. Especially the fights over dishes. I also remember getting in trouble for not cleaning the sink out after draining it. My girls don't like to do that now.

    I don't remember you hiding. You must have been very good!

  4. LOVE it mom! Thank you. I can absolutely see you doing all of those things but by the time a came along it was slightly different. Actually I'm sure it was very much the same: cleaning, cooking and breaking up fights. But it's not what I REMEMBER. I remember our trips for breakfast while living in Lakeland and skating around the lake. I remember garage sales on Saturday morning followed by cleaning the whole house. I remember coming home from school and having a surprise Cabbage Patch doll on my bed, or after being made fun of at school for my black watch there was a pretty pink one waiting for me. I remember dinner out, lots of movies and pedicures. I remember church on Sunday morning followed by a grocery trip and often times steamed shrimp. I remember playing hopscotch on the dirt road, laying in bed with you to read and remember you humming me to sleep and many many times that you massaged the growing pains out of my legs. I could go on and on. I hope I give my girls half the good memories that you gave me.

  5. Isn't it nice that we always remember the good stuff? I hope all of you do. I don't remember the watch, are you sure that was me? Love you