Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've decided to continue the blog, however it is going to be by invitation only. If you would like to be invited please send your email address to  The blog will remain as is for the next few days to ensure all readers receive this message but after that you will be required to 'log in' to read.

I will continue to blog about the kids but will also include craft projects that we do, house decorating, and recipes. I started the blog as a way to document our days and those things are all very much a part of who we are. I love to look through my mom's old cookbooks to see what she was making while she was a young mom and I love to see pictures in our photo books that give glimpses into who my parents were and what they loved when they were the age I am now (and laugh at their hair styles). I want to have that recorded for my girls. One day, when they have babies of their own, they will be able to look back on things they did, but also get to know their parents at a different age and to see what they were passionate about. So from this point forward I will not feel guilty for posting non-Kendall and Kate related posts. I want this blog to be as much for them as it is about them.