Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Fun

I had decided for my birthday that I wanted to go to the hibachi grill. Brian and I really wanted to see the girls experience the hibachi so we took them there on Friday night. It was actually pretty adorable. Brian was super smart and was worried about their reaction to the fire and (as usual)  he was right, they were terrified at first (but soon loved it). When our 'table' went up in flames Kate's little lip stuck WAY out and she just couldn't seem to get it pulled back in! She was in a highchair next to me but she was leaned all the way over trying to hide her face in my shoulder. It was so cute but it didn't take long for her to love it, she kept a very close eye on that chef though!

Yesterday we spent the day at IKEA (a special birthday surprise). We just got a few things but it was actually a really good trip because a) we finally reached a few decisions on how we want to decorate some areas and b) the girls were ridiculously good. Kate isn't tall enough to go into the childcare area so both girls stayed with us and for 2 hours giggled together and shopped. Kendall kept picking out things for Kate, "This would be a good bookshelf for Kate's room, can we get it for her?"

And finally, my much anticipated (ha) to-do list. This isn't for today but really what I want to accomplish this week. I'm thinking about treating myself to a productive day of.... scrapbooking, I'm out of the habit and think it would be a great way to start off the next decade of my life. So this is the list of things I want to do on top of the regular house cleaning and mainly consists of organizing areas that have been bothering me.

  • Organize bar drawer
  • Post office (ranks on my list of fun things right next to root canal)
  • Order Valentines
  • Organize recipe binder
  • Basement--getting the play area put back together now that we can put the carpet back down (although this will be messed up again very soon because we're having the carpet removed and the whole thing painted)
  • Call painter/handyman (see above)
  • Organize spice cabinet--exciting I tell you
  • Research Week in the Life and 365 Project Documentation---this might be the only one that gets done today
  • Plan art activities for the girls
  • Clean mudroom--Check this off the list, we bought a shoe rack and mat at IKEA and I had to clean the room before I would put them out so this happened last night
  • Kendall's bookshelf--needs tackling about once a month, the girl has a LOT of books and it gets  disheveled looking quickly.
  • Call Goddard preschool to observe
There is also a rough meal plan on the right side, a short list of blog post ideas, the library book I want to pick up and the paint color we choose for said basement project.


  1. I love your list! It is so much more fun than mine! I want to know where you got that nifty paper for your lists! What is: Today's MIT's?
    Mis-Interpreted Tantrums, how many times you had a Missing Independent Toddler, Messages In Twitter, Most Improved Tapioca (sidenote: Tapioca reminds me of Granny!). I give up. I can not make sense of it and now I am craving Tapioca.

  2. You are adorable.
    Great list right? You can find it and lots of other great info at

    MIT actually stands for "Most Important Task" although I admit I much prefer some of your ideas!!