Friday, January 22, 2010

Slow Down

My sweet sweet ladies had me laughing out loud this morning in the car. We were talking about how some people go to college and how that is a big kid school and how those kids stay away from home during that time. Kendall was talking about how she was going to go there and we discussed the different kind of things that she could study. And then this conversation followed:
Kendall: "But you're going to have to drive me there"
Me:  "Actually you'll be big enough to drive then so you will drive yourself"
Kendall after only a brief pause: "But I wont know where to turn"
I love that she isn't at all concerned about driving, I'm sure that looks easy, she is just worried about knowing where to turn!

And then Kate joined in and the girls decided that they wanted to be in the same classes and how Kendall would drive and Kate would sit in the passenger seat. Kate declared that she would turn on the music and Kendall had to correct her to let her know that Kendall would turn ON the music and Kate could turn it down. I started getting so sentimental because 1) because I know this will happen before we know it and 2) I am so happy that they have each other and that they are so close in age. They are very different but they have been playing together so well and they love each other so much.

When I was pregnant with Kate (and being pregnant now) I got SO irritated that people assumed I would want a boy. With Kate it was quite the opposite, I wanted another girl just because I knew the bond I shared with my sisters was something I wanted Kendall to experience. With this pregnancy I'm completely fine either way. It would be fun to have a boy but it would also be great to have three sisters that can grow up together. I've bought a few boy clothes and a few girl clothes (and saved all the receipts, ha). I always grit my teeth because everyone has to make a comment about maybe this one will be a boy, or we're 'trying for a boy'. Grrrrrrr.


  1. Can't go wrong either way. The yumminess will be there whatever sex it is. Just look at these two sweet yummy girls!

  2. Boy or girl...either way that baby will be a perfect fit for your family and you won't be able to imagine how the situation could be any better once he or she arrives. Girl, boy, girl, boy has been perfect for us! And by the way, I LOVE the picture of the girls from their knees down. SO SWEET!