Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chicks List: Home Edition

Is it too early for my nesting instinct to have kicked in? This Chick's List is home focused because everything I'm drawn to lately is home related. Maybe it's not nesting maybe it's because we've been a little trapped inside by all the snow?

I have been wanting vintage wire locker baskets for a long time. I've browsed ebay but have just never made the jump by bidding. I want 3 for my office and 2-4 for the changing table. Imagine my surprise when I opened this months Pottery Barn catalog and see tons of wire baskets. I was so ahead of this fad, unfortunately it's going to make finding them used that much harder!!

This for my office wall. Brian and I both like these but are worried that they would make my small office look a little cluttered? I think we could make it work though.

No photo here but once those basement walls are painted I have big plans of framing the girls artwork in all white frames and doing a grouping the playroom.

In one of the girls' rooms I have plans of shadow boxes with photos of the girls in them. I want to include an object in each of the boxes that corresponds with the photo. A picture of them writing on the driveway with big chunky sidewalk chalk in the frame. A picture of them dressed up as princess and a fairy wand in the frame...
Baby room: it was recently painted a light blue (before we decided to have a third) so we wont be repainting it but IF this is a boy then I want to do baby bedding that is primarily brown (not necessarily this set, I just found this for a visual) and then have accents in a third bright color. OR I want to do a nautical theme like this (this is Brian's favorite).

 IF it's a girl I want to take my favorite quilt (made by my Granny) that has been ridiculously loved for many many years, so loved that I currently can not use it because it has so many holes.  I want to have it repaired and made into a baby quilt and build the nursery bedding around that. (Dear cousins, do not hate me because I have one of her quilts. A very very long time ago when we stayed at her house I told her how pretty I thought the quilt on my bed was--not knowing she had made it and being Granny she insisted that I keep it.) I feel guilty that i have her quilt but it is the only thing of hers I have!!!

That's all for now. I could go on and on but I'll keep it short and maybe have another Chick's List soon.


  1. Love this!! How wonderful that you have this quilt and love it like you do!! How can that make anyone feel anything but great!!! That was just totally Granny wasn't it?? Glad the nesting is going well, stay warm. Love you:)

  2. Don't you dare feel guilty! I am so happy that you have that part of Granny with you! It warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes, good tears of course! I think it is wonderful that you cherish it so and that it is able to see through to another generation!
    Love ya...and don't feel guilty!