Thursday, February 25, 2010

For Jennie: A Spring Fashion Show

OK, so this week is the super addicting consignment sale and I didn't get to go. Jennie took pity on me and posted all her purchases on her blog. I'm playing along and showing her the spring stuff we have have found at our local used clothing store. I got all of the below for less then $100. Lots of Gymboree and Ralph Lauren (some with tags still).
Kendall desperately needed some jeans! Finally found some.

I wouldn't suggest wearing this together but in a 4 year olds world stripes and madras are the perfect match and plaid shoes too.

For her post nap tennis game.

Kate looking smashing in her bikini, plaid shoes and Christmas socks!


  1. If you ever get down to Columbus I found a GREAT second hand kids store we MUST go to. :)

  2. Ack,I'm sorry I missed this! Adorable! Love that ruffle bathing suit, and both girls look so tall!