Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Clean Disaster Area

Well, I got on my hands and knees to remove all the dried plaster from the hardwood floors, walls and ceilings, then I mopped the floor.  After that I moved some of our furniture (the small, light ones) in the family room around the ripped out carpet so we can at least use that room now, then I vacuumed up all the plaster that was on that floor. I had big plans of cleaning the upstairs bathroom that I have been avoiding that NO LONGER SMELLS LIKE DECOMPOSING ANIMAL (must have knocked ice off of some vent pipe last night on the roof) but my pregnancy back is killing me so I'm going to lay around and do nothing for a little while. I'll lay around in my disaster...but at least it is my clean disaster now.

Later I might get out and get some flowers for our table. Maybe we wont notice the gaping hole that is our ceiling, or the 7 tons of ice and snow on our deck (pushed from our roof) if we have some colorful flowers on our table? Or maybe not, maybe I will just sit here.

P.S. Today is better then yesterday actually. Despite the disaster my spirits are much higher, I just felt so helpless over it all yesterday. Now, since we have to wait until this weather changes to fix all of this mess I don't know how long this good attitude will last, there is no controlling these mood swings of mine these days :)  

I took the girls to the mall yesterday to run out some energy at the play area. I have a feeling we'll be spending any time outside of the house that we can, as long as there isn't a contractor here! Our basement carpet is due to arrive on the 22nd so hopefully we'll be able to move down there to play soon, that will open up about 800 square feet of play space for us so we'll be fine!!


  1. Stinks you are going thru this...
    But good that you have found the problem ... and no stinky bathroom.
    Love the girls in their matching outfits... I seem to remember someone else dressing her kids alike.....
    They loved to look alike!

  2. Thinking of you all and hoping house repairs are going well. :)

  3. This is the first time I have EVER seen them dressed alike! I am having flashbacks to my childhood! haha It was different if we WEREN'T dressed alike.

    They are both so beautiful and big. So glad we get to see you soon! Love you!