Friday, February 05, 2010

The Moment & Balance

The day is underway, kids music channel on in the background, art projects in progress (not directed by me). Kendall has cut up a piece of packaging cardboard and glued square shaped cut outs down and is now working on it with paint/glitter pens. Kate is busy with a long library receipt and a glue stick. I love how they just find a piece of something laying around and decide to work with that. Bed made, washing machine moving, desk getting sorted through.

I feel like I hear the word "balance" all the time now. I know it's something I strive for but I feel like it's a never ending battle. Balance the house cleaning with time spent with the girls, balance time feeding my creative side, throw in some household planning (meal plans, grocery list, activity ideas) and exercise...What is the right balance? How much of one do you do before you need to stop to do the other, no matter there is always something left undone. Maybe if you've balanced as much as you can then what gets left undone you are okay with? I don't know, just doesn't sound like my personality, ha. Just my ramblings about something I've been thinking about lately!

I can't tell you how many times the girls say something during the day that has me belly laughing. Yesterday on the way to school Kendall was quietly looking out the window when suddenly she says just as calm as you please, "I just saw a a tree!!!"  And it's not uncommon to hear my own words coming out of her mouth. I couple weekends ago Brian and I were riding around looking at some local nice neighborhoods. On the way home from school in our own neighborhood Kendall was saying, "Oh look at that house, ooooooo that one is nice, ahhhh I like that one..."

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  1. I am with you on the struggle to balance. It's so desireable yet so unattainable. Still we try, huh? I can tell you this, from the outside you are doing one heck of a job, lady! :)