Thursday, July 08, 2010

Chick's List

I spent time this afternoon reading through old blog posts. So fun! Obviously I love the memories, the photos and the videos of my little ladies at all the different stages. I also like the Chick Lists, seeing what I was interested in at different stages.

Right now I'm loving I am always finding inspiration online: kids party ideas, decorating ideas, craft ideas, projects,'s hard to keep it all organized. On Google Reader you can "star" your favorite things but I hadn't found a way to organize or easily search for things. Evernote stores it all, you can tag it with various words too to make searching easier. I have multiple "notebooks" my recipes are in one notebook and I have them tagged with words like entree, appetizer, even tagged with a specific season (so I can search for good summer dishes). I even have a tag called "B out of town" things I know he wont like but that I want to try. Brian has been using this too. I currently only use the free version but I am on the verge of paying the yearly fee ($5/month or $45/year) so I can use it a lot more, I plan to scan in all my recipes, and torn out pages from magazines. Love it.

Current favorite summertime dessert. Creamy vanilla ice cream with locally grown peaches sliced on top. Oh so very yummy. We've been buying the Breyers Fat Free Ice Cream.

Anticipation. I am so not a patient person but I do love the planning, the dreaming, the giddiness that comes from having to wait. Oh so very anxious to get this party started. To hold him in my arms, to be sitting up in that hospital bed with a baby on my lap, my husband sitting on the bed and my girls crowded around to see (and Lorie snapping pictures the whole time, ha).

Checked out these books from the library. I have a grocery list made and I plan to have a big cooking and freezing day.

School supply time will be here before we know it. I have my eyes on these for the girls.

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