Sunday, July 04, 2010


She is an introvert but still would be happy to be stuck to my side 24 hours a day.
She is looking way too old to me.
She has a brain that is constantly working--playing with numbers in her head or just thinking through things.
She is excited about having a brother but still reminds me that she likes girls better.
She has not forgotten her best friend Anna even though we moved 2 years ago.
She is learning to express her feelings and it cracks me up, "YOU ARE REALLY FRUSTRATE ME!"
She wants to pick out her own outfit everyday which results in fully color coordinated outfit (usually pink).
She takes a long time when while working on an art project because she wants everything perfect.
She cleans up after herself and chastises me if I don't turn off the bathroom light.
She rewarded her sister with various prizes yesterday for playing a game nicely (giving her a dollar, a My Little Pony, various jewelry...
She still sleeps with her snuggly bunny.
She is one sweet little lady


  1. I'm sorry but WHO is this?! She looks so big! :(

  2. she does look SOOO old. and like a perfect combination of you and brian!

  3. Okay, I have to apologize, because you HAVE the Weires kids. Kendall is Dani and Kate is me. So you can pretty much know exactly how baby boy will be. :)

    Can't wait to meet him so soon! Love and miss you all way way way too much!