Monday, July 26, 2010

Right Now

Right now...we never finish what we start out to do. The girls had big plans of playing in the sprinkler. They got their bathing suits on and set out to work together to get their rooms clean before we headed out. They have been in there awhile just playing together, wonder if we'll ever make it to the sprinkler.

Right now....I can't get enough water, I chug it non-stop. If you hand me a bottle I can finish it off before I take a single breath. If it's cold Jack squirms in my belly a lot : )

Right hubby is getting more and more involved in local politics. He was already involved in one board and the chamber of commerce and today he was invited to join a second board.

Last night.....I slept, a good, uninterrupted sleep. It was so good I know those sleeps are about to become extinct.

Last night...she slept well too.

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  1. i LOVE the new format. Nice fonts, very clean. Cute pic on the banner! I can't wait till that little guy arrives!