Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Attack of the Crawling Baby...and stuff

Hmmm, what's that clicking and flashing going on, I think I'll go investigate.

Pay no attention to the pacifier, she hasn't been feeling well lately so I have been letting her have it just a tad more (usually it is just in bed and the car seat). She has a low grade fever and congestion, I know how she feels so I just want to comfort her in any way.

Remember when I said that one of my dreams was to have just enough work for the Paper Chick to be busy well, I do! I'm at a really good place right now, I have my big ongoing order (two albums complete and about six more to go), and Gram has been helping me out a lot by selling my cards and notes to ladies that she knows and now she ordered her change of address cards from me. On top of that I occasionally get a gift album every now and then. I have a new contact at the craft store here and she asked for my business card (she actually got me the other big order when she worked at the other store here in town) so I know she will promote my business. Very cool. The other night when Karin came over I worked on 'non-work' stuff and made a cute little album for Kelly that will be from Kendall (have to get that in the mail today) and a little froggy clipboard for Patrick to use to practice his writing.


  1. Look at her go!! She is such a fun, yummy kid. We both have sicko babies. Sounds like they are feeling the same. Low grade fevers and irritable. Mine is jsut a different irritable at 18 years of age!! Love you!

  2. Great pics. Miss you!