Monday, March 27, 2006

No News

These are pictures from two weekends ago at my cousin Jamie's baby shower. Kendall wore a stylish purple party dress and sported her new white shoes. She also rode a see-saw for the first time with her cousin Maggie. Evidently Maggie is better at sharing playground equipment then I was. I bit Maggie's mom on the back of the neck (when we were little) when she was on my slide. I'm sorry Colette, I'm really embarrassed now!!

I'm psyched about the online class. There is still time to sign up if you are interested, we currently have a class size of 14.

I'm staying busy but I don't really feel like there is too much to blog about. I've been working on some Paper Chick orders lately, I've picked up some paint for a dresser that I want to paint for Kendall's room. I've also been picking up paint chips to help me decid on wall colors, I may do Kendall's room this week. Really no big news.

I do realize that I left you guys hanging on the "big changes" post. Sorry. It has to do with Brian changing jobs but we aren't really sure if it has all been resolved yet so I will just wait to update once everything has settled in that area.


  1. BTW - I'm totally PUMPED for the online class! I hope Brian is enjoying his trip!

  2. Is it too late to enroll in your class? If not, please count me in. luv ya, paula