Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This is a Test....and a long distance dedication **updated

So Kendall will soon be growing out of her Pampers Swaddlers (we hope). Let me just say that I love Swaddlers, they are so very soft and they fit so very well. We decided to try out some new diapers in preparation of the big step up (in diaper sizes) and I bought Luvs this week. Today I noticed a foul smell being emitted from my sweet baby girl and knew that the Luvs would be tested today.
Let me interrupt my own story to say this: I had a fairly easy pregnancy (except for the unfortunate amount of weight that I gained) I had no morning sickness and very few yucky cravings (just ham spread with cream cheese and wrapped around a pickle, but really that was good). The one thing that bothered me was the smell of buttered popcorn. Unfortunately, my husband loves buttered popcorn and I would have to lock myself in the bedroom every night around eight and not come out until morning just to avoid the stench. Anyway the ironic thing was that Kendall's #2's smelled like buttered popcorn forever!!!! With the introduction of solid foods the smell of buttered popcorn is no more and an odor best described as 'horrid' has replaced it.
Anyway, I digress. Before I dropped Kendall off at the nursery for my Bible study I changed her diaper because said odor was lingering. It was just a false alarm...the big one was still due to come. When I picked her up the ladies warned me that something bad would soon happen in that diaper, they too had been plagued by the foul stench. All day I waited and all day I was teased by the false alarms.
Tonight I took "Kick and Jab" at the gym and when I picked Kendall up the girls working in the nursery were all smiles for me. I noticed the foul stench but thought it must be another false alarm...Surely they would not hand over a baby that had a dirty diaper!?! We came home, Kendall ate a little food and I took her up for her bath. I grabbed the wet wipes just in case (Pampers, of course), drew the bath, opened the diaper and lo and behold the long awaited gift had arrived with only slight leakage out of the right leg hole. I guess the Luv's passed the test.

This post is dedicated to my pal Justin

Note: sorry about the 'big changes' teaser but I can't reveal it just yet. I'm thinking early next week once all involved parties have been properly notified.....and no we aren't pregnant.

**update: I knew that Cruisers were the next step up but she doesn't weigh enough to make the transition quite yet. I tried Luv's because I could get them in her size now, we'll try Cruisers once she has gained a little.


  1. I was super sad about ending the Swaddlers love affair too :( Glad the new diapers passed the test of Miss Stinky (the one and only child!).

  2. Thank you for the tribute.... I have a question. Did you go to Luvs because there was not a comparable to Swaddlers so you decided to try Luvs? A lot of our consumers don't realize that Size 3 Swaddlers are actually just called Cruisers. Amazing that we are supposedly the best marketers in the world and we lose a ton of consumers just because they can't find larger sized Swaddlers.