Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm All Alone...

We watch Shrek a little too often here at our house (maybe because it's the ONLY kid's DVD that we own) at one point in the movie Donkey sings, "I'm all alone, there's no one here beside me..." and that is running through my head this morning. Brian is off on his adventure to China, I hope that he has fun and stays safe. He deserves this and I know that he is looking forward to it. So B if you are reading this, have fun and don't worry about us I'll 'hold down the fort'. Also, I had every intention to slip sweet cards into your luggage but they didn't make it, :( sorry! With Brian goes my camera so we'll be relying on Lorie for photos. I do have a few from yesterday to show you though.

Also, Kendall is learning new words with this holiday season and the influx of new characters has kind of mixed her up. She calls ghosts, "goats" and then when she saw a goat in a book she called it a "moose" Wha? Huh? Every store we go to has a headless or bloody man in their decorations and Kendall cracks me up because she just stares at it then says, "Is that scary?" So I just say, "No, he's not scary it's just pretend" and she says, "OH okay, can I touch it?" Oh how I wish it were that easy for me to get over my fears!

Last night we went to a wedding. I had so much fun. I loved having that time 'alone' time (with all the other people, ha) with my husband. I'm so thankful to have Lorie here, she kept both of my kids. I think it may have been the first time that someone other then me put Kate to bed, I gave Lorie the directions and told her that Kate will just roll over and close her eyes and not even cry. Lorie said that Kate wasn't buying it, Kate looked at her as if she were saying, "Are you crazy lady?" She did roll over though, and immediately sat up and started crying. Poor Lorie. But she went to sleep (Kate not Lorie) and Brian and I stayed out till 11pm! Man, we're party animals. Note that the last five pictures are courtesy of last night's babysitter. I laid out the girls' costumes because I thought Lorie might bring her camera :)


  1. Oh how I wish my kiddies would fit in those costumes! They look insanely cute. Anna kept touching the screen saying "Kate is a sheep" and she got really upset over the one where Kendall is hiding her eyes. She almost cried (!) and kept saying "Kendall is sad, Kendall is hurt".

    No worries about being alone. You know you can count on us to wear out our welcome anyday ;)

  2. Jen, that is so cute that Anna was so concerned about Kendall!
    Ashley, you have beautiful girls and I LOVE their costumes! I especially love the baby kiss that Kendall is getting from Kate. I remember getting those! love them and still cringe at the same time!! SO MUCH FUN!
    Love you!

  3. By the way, I know the song...too well, and I am singing it along with you!!

  4. Everytime I check your site for a new post, I start singing, "I'm All Alone..." ...the sad part is that I find myself swaying from side to side like Donkey!
    Too funny!