Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm Exhausted

At night as I'm putting the girls to bed I think in my head, "Tonight I'm going to stay up late and get some cleaning done" for instance as I was feeding Kate tonight I decided that I would mop the kitchen floor as soon as Kendall was in bed. But then I sit down and sort of become one with the chair and all my energy is gone. So much for good intentions.
This past week we had Jessy with us, she is such an awesome kid. I'm so proud of who she is and we had a great time with her. I hardly changed a diaper the whole time she was here and she would just jump in without being asked, feeding Kate or doing whatever needed to be done.

Saturday we drove up to Indiana for Sarah's absolutely beautiful wedding. The flowers were amazing, the cake was beautiful and the dresses (brides and bridesmaids) were just gorgeous. I was very impressed. Kendall was in heaven going from one person to the next asking to be held. I was a tiny bit embarrassed she made it seem as though she is neglected at home. Really, she is just a lovey girl and has been that way since birth.

I took Kate in to the pediatrician this afternoon, I thought she may have an ear infection. Since Kendall had so many I am hyper-aware of ear infection symptoms. But, I was wrong, it's just a cold. She did warn me that they have seen a lot of ear infections at the end of this cold so to be looking out for one. Don't worry lady, I'll be there, I want to nip those things in the bud!
I'm working on a couple ideas for more online Paper Chick classes. These will be short (week long) classes that will help you to make personalized gifts for the holidays. Each will be only $5 and you will get a discount if you sign up for all of them (5 or 6 I haven't decided). I have the email addresses of all of you that took the previous class but if you are interested in receiving information about the upcoming ones send me your email address.

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  1. Hey. Great pics. You look beautiful holding your girlies. I want to join the class. I'll send you my new email addresss....