Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Kate is crawling like crazy, on her hands and knees and moving at the speed of light. Kendall is having a hard time with this because this means all of her toys are fair game. All day I have heard, "NO KATE". We've been having talks about sharing and today out of frustration Kendall threw one of her toys (a stuffed animal). After a session in time out I called her over to me and we talked about why she had sat in time out, the importance of sharing, and just being a nice girl in general. All the while I'm having a hard time not smiling because she has these green sunglasses on and it is just pretty cute. I think that she has been listening and she looks like she feels poorly for her behavior. I finish up the talk, she looks at me and says:
Kendall: "You have your ha-lasses"
Me: No, my glasses are in the car"
Kendall: You want these?

Well, at least she heard the part about sharing.

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  1. This reminds me of the videotape we have of me having problems sharing with Jessy. :) They are so cute! I miss my girls! I will be home tomorrow so I will be over there at some point during the weekend! I love you!